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Product Safety

How to safely burn your candle: 

1. Trim your wick to 1/4" for each use

2. Allow to melt evenly across the diameter of the candle for each use, especially first time burning. Burning for less than 2 hours at a time may result in an uneven burn.

3. Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.

4. When burning sculptural candles, always use a candleholder specifically designed for candle use. It should be heat resistant, sturdy, and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax.

5. Do not burn your candle near drafts, vents or air currents. This will help prevent uneven burning and excessive dripping.

6. It is recommended that candles do not burn for longer than four hours and cool for at least two hours before relighting.

7. Never leave a candle unattended.

8. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations, etc.

9. Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets. Do not place lighted candles where they can be knocked over by children, pets or anyone else.

10. The jars will get hot! Never touch or move a candle while it is burning or while the wax is liquefied.