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Mystery Imperfect Bundles

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Instead of remelting our candles that are imperfect, we decided to share them with you. Our Mystery Imperfect Bundles include candles that have slight imperfections such as dents, frosting (a white colour that can happen with soy wax candles), small scuffs, one-off colours, etc.  

What could be better than receiving a mystery candle bundle at a discounted price? 

Bundles are offered as follows*

Small bundle: includes 2 mystery imperfect sculptural candles.

Medium bundle:  includes 4 mystery imperfect sculptural candles.

Large bundle: includes 6 mystery imperfect sculptural candles. 


*colours and shape will vary and depend upon availability. If there is a particular shape you'd love to try or favourite colour just send an email to and we will try our best to accommodate your request.


All sales of Mystery Imperfect Bundles will be final sale.