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Grove wooden wick

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Sit back and relax with our unique Grove wooden wick candle. A luxurious spa-like experience with its lush combination of fir, cedarwood, pine and eucalyptus. Inspired by the serene beauty of the forests, this exquisite blend of pure soy wax and essential oils will fill your space with its calming aromas, while its crackling wick adds a tranquil touch. Enjoy a perfect moment of forest bathing in the comfort of your home.


  • pure soy wax
  • crackling wooden wick
  • vegan
  • made with 100% essential oils
  • phthalate and synthetic fragrance free
  • in a reusable and recyclable vessel


11 oz

Wooden wick candle care tips:

-keep your wick short! Ideally 1/4" or less

-trim your wick and pinch or trim off any black part before you light and relight your candle 

Approximate burn time 50 hours.  Your candle is done when there is approximately half an inch to an inch of wax remaining.


Once you are done enjoying your candle, you can simply remove any remaining wax and wash your vessel with hot and soapy water.  The glass container can be repurposed elsewhere in your home. For example, in the bathroom to hold hair ties or cotton swabs, on your desk to organize office supplies, outside with a tea light in it or as a small vase.  


Please see our Product Safety and Candle Care guidelines.

    • always burn a candle within sight
    • keep away from flammable objects
    • keep away from pets and children