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Imperfect oval trays

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Our Imperfect trays are the perfect combination of beauty and sustainability. We make all of our trays by hand and that means slight variations and imperfections are to be expected. However, these (perfectly) imperfect trays just have a few more noticeable flaws...but we still love them! And we hope you do a big discount:)

Each of our imperfect trays is sanded, sealed, and ready to be repurposed as candle holders, jewelry holders or trinket trays. Perfectly imperfect, these trays are both tasteful and sustainable.

Each of our imperfect trays will have different flaws and variations. The pictures included are representative of what you can expect to see when ordering one of our imperfect trays. 

If using our oval tray to catch any wax drips that occur, please wait until the wax has cooled and then you can peel off any excess wax that has accumulated on the tray. 


  • handcrafted in Ottawa, Ontario
  • cork on bottom to protect surfaces
  • dimensions 7"x4"x1"
  • hand poured using jesmonite-an eco-friendly, water based material